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KhmerLyrics.Net provides you a collection of Khmer movies songs lyrics i.e the most extensive collection. The only aim behind the creation of this site is to offer you an expansion of lyrics from Khmer songs. You can browse the lyrics of any song through the name of the title, artist, and category. The site very user-friendly, so it is very easy to find any song and enjoy the lyrics of your favorite songs. KhmerLyrics.Net gets updated daily as a new song release.

As this is a new website, so we uploaded some Khmer song lyrics. Additionally, we offer you a bunch of images with some lines of words from songs on our gallery page. We have made a lot of researches for favorite songs of our honorable audience to create an organized list of categories.

We hope that our site has fulfilled your needs and entertained you successfully. If you have any suggestions about the improvement of the site then you are most welcome to contact us.